"Heart of a Boy"

By Ted V. Mikels





"Heart of a Boy" is Ted V. Mikels' newest movie production and is now complete. "Heart of a Boy" is a true family-oriented drama about a four-year-old-boy who requires a heart transplant to survive. The movie, "G" rated, follows the Disney theme of appeal to all ages, and in particular to family audiences.

The story is filled with heart warming experiences, tears, anxieties, drama, happiness and joy with elements of evil intent, yet rich with humanitarian and moral deeds. The approach is to fill the need for television programming, cable releases, home video and international entertainment so vitally needed today.


Story Concept

The setting is today, in a small rural area. The school is small and a neighborhood grocery store sells hardware and other miscellaneous items to the locals. Nearby there is a small country store that sells grain to farmers and has a corner table where locals come to drink beer and play poker. Houses are old and unpretentious, suggesting a lower income community.

The home Timmy and Alina live in is a bit of a structure that has seen better days, a shack, almost secluded and lost in the unkempt trees and brush that surround it. The road in front is paved, but only occasionally busy with passing traffic.

Grandpa Theo, who is close to Timmy and Alina by mutual adoption, lives next door. Theo is retired and uses his social security income to help Timmy and Alina with their needs.

Timmy was born to Alina out of a rape situation, and has an undeveloped heart valve that will require a transplant if he is to survive. This is the story of the often heart-breaking ordeal and endless pursuit of a new heart to keep Timmy alive.

The interactions with the townspeople, neighbors who care, those who control the organ transplant processes, evil and greedy people who would do anything for money, and the playboy who turns sympathetic to the plight of Timmy and the efforts of Theo to secure the transplant for Timmy keeps you wishing, wanting, crying and caring for the outcome.



The Cast

Timmy: He is bright-eyed, small boned and thin. Timmy moves slowly and without energy as his well being and survival is threatened due to his birth with a weakened heart, because of a defective heart valve. The doctors have told his mother that he will not make it into his teens without a heart transplant. Timmy is four, going on five years old.

Alina: Timmy's mother, possibly of Hispanic ancestry. Pretty but thin from the weariness of caring for Timmy as a single parent.

Grandpa "Theo": In his seventies, white haired but lively. Theo lives for the joy of Timmy's attention. He yearns for the boy's better health and stays close to be of service. Alina, Timmy and Grandpa Theo have all mutually adopted each other, and are very close.

Father Gregory: Padre' of the little church where Alina takes Timmy to pray for his better health.

Jack Thornton: A thirty-fivish bachelor enjoying the high life. He drinks and gambles a bit, enjoys sports and loves his fancy SUV. He is a stock broker by trade.

Doctor Jefferies: Timmy's health care doctor. Treats Timmy tenderly, and cares deeply about helping Timmy to be placed on the heart transplant list, to await a donor.

Nurse Deanna: Cares and caters to Timmy while he and Alina wait for their appointments with the doctor.

Aunt Jessica:  Really loves Timmy. Has parties, has neighborhood garage sales, rummage and bake sales for him, inviting all of his playmates and friends, all of whom are much more active and energetic than Timmy.

Ricky Thomas: A nemesis of Timmy's. He constantly shows off to Timmy, antagonizing him whenever he can, pointing up Timmy's shortcomings. Ricky is a tiny bit older than Timmy.

Alexia: Timmy's friend, sympathetic to his needs. Tries to play games with Timmy to lift his spirits. About the same age as Ricky, but all girl.

Josh: Middle-aged owner of a small country store. Waits on the card-players playing poker, serving them beer and snacks.

Jake: 30 to 45 years old, a beer drinking gambler, takes winning or losing seriously and is dangerous when angered.

Al: In his 30's, a card playing buddy of Jake's. Follows Jake's lead, whatever Jake does, he emulates him.

Big Tom: Mature card player. He is always jovial, has a beer belly.

Wren: Card player, neighborhood regular at the country store. Enjoys the game.

John Edwards: Heads the organ donor services on a nation-wide basis. He works with Doctor Jeffries and Alina to put Timmy on the donor recipient list. He is serious minded and is business-like.

Elizabeth: 25-40 yrs, assistant to John Edwards. Helps with updating internet communications between donors and recipients. Constantly needs to explain to potential recipients how the procedure works, and who qualifies.

Mr. Randolph: 40 to 50's. Financial controller of the organ donor and recipient services. Handles who receives organs for transplants, works with John Edwards and Elizabeth out of a distant state office.

Mrs. Tarkington: Mature and matronly, works at the county store that Grandpa Theo and the townspeople frequent.

Mr. Ericksen: Bank loan manager where Jack Thornton does all of his banking. Sees to Jack's financial needs.

Mr. Williams: Head banker and advisor to Grandpa Theo in his financial undertakings.

Gary: Airport rental agent at a small airport.

Sergeant Harris: Sheriff of a small town 200 miles north.

Bit parts and character players, extras as needed: Fireman, hospital medic, school-kids, people of the town, atmosphere, etc.

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